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		SYSTEM: Chat created 12/18/2016 12:00:41 America/New_York

Name (12/18/2016 12:00:41 America/New_York): Message (12/18/2016 12:03:45 America/New_York): Welcome to the IS.AM chat system!  You can create your own chat room and share the URL with your friends!  Have fun! (12/18/2016 12:04:21 America/New_York): To return to a previous chat, just use the shortcut URL that was generated when you created the room! Your old chat messages will still be there!

User (12/18/2016 12:07:29 America/New_York): Hi this is really cool!

Garfield (05/27/2017 08:32:02 America/New_York): Woohooo!

Bertzy (08/23/2017 04:16:29 America/New_York): go i like this service

kragga010101 (09/26/2017 05:02:05 America/New_York): wow it rocks

george_carter (03/10/2018 06:26:02 America/New_York): This service is very nice. it helps me to share my links to other people to save alot of typing and thank you for doing this site..